Main screen of Renaming tab:

Renaming (main screen)

Edit field for renaming formula

To the first edit field you have to write your formula. This formula is a desription, how to rename each file.

Available variables are under the arrow (on the right side), and after selection the program automatically add it to the place, where the cursor is.

Here is the desription of each variable:

Rename folder

If this checkbox is checked, you can rename the working folder too. The formula has the same variables as in the main field. Program will try to find the title in last file, if no, the error box is shown.

Ignore files with blank fields

If this checkbox is checked, the program will not rename the files, that doesn't contain required information (eq. if Title field is blank (spaces trimmed) and it's in rename formula, no renaming action will be performed).

Trim left padding zeros in Track...

Allows program to convert track numbers (track field must contain number) from i.e. 001 to the 1, ...

...and pad to setted fixed length of chars

If "Trim left padding zeros in Track..." is used, prepends to the track number variable count of zeros to create track number with fixed length (useful for computer sorting). Setting 0 will disable this function.
selected 3: 1 -> 001 and 10 -> 010 and 100 -> 100 and 1000 -> 1000
selected 5: 1 -> 00001 and 100 -> 00100, ...

Overwrite files with the same name

If this checkbox is checked, the program will rename the file even if the file with the same name exists.
Be sure, that you may delete (loose) files with this option (file B is renamed to A, so A is now B and the old A is gone).

Only if audio length of files equals

Overwrite will be done, only if audio part of the files is same. (Count of Frames is compared.)

Button with arrow

By clicking the arrow, you can select some useful options for renaming.
Allow creating directories in formula
Handle CDG files